Hello online world!

I’m here! Um…that sounds a little bit like a greeting from a scary movie psycho killer. Let’s try this again. Hello! So happy to have yet another blog. This is my second. The first is a blog for my business EVERYTHING Interracial and Intercultural™ (EIRIC™).

EVERYTHING Interracial and Intercultural™ (EIRIC™) is designed to be the comprehensive catalog of services, resources and products for the multicultural community.

Under the logo Made in the World™ we create and distribute eco-conscious stationery and apparel. We also develop practical workshops regarding trans-racial adoption, multiracial identity development, multiracial relationship building, and positive self-esteem and body image. All of our products and services embody our motto “Because Interracial [enter word] doesn’t have to be so serious.”

We believe in making a profit to make a difference. As we are starting out, 2% of our profitable revenue will be used as donations to support Foster Care and Adoption, Education and Mentoring for social and economically disadvantaged youth, Sexual Assault Awareness and Education, as well as providing Entrepreneurial Opportunities for minorities. As we grow, our goal is to significantly increase the percentage donated.

This new blog is an opportunity to express myself as a child of God, a person who cares about my fellow human beings, an entrepreneur, a reader, a traveler, a hiker, a Brooklynite, a Haitian, a reluctant Jersey resident, a black woman, a soon-to-be 30 year old, a wife, a scared-to-be potential mother, a researcher, half of an interracial couple, a lover of shoes, a nature lover, a city lover, an older and younger sister, a fatherless daughter, a procrastinator, a contradiction, an insomniac, one who hopes for the best, but prepares for the worst, and any other category that I find myself under. I’m here just as much to listen and learn as I am to share.

I hope you’ll take the journey with me.

About mmderosier

Do Well, Do Good. Do Good, Do Well.
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