Night of Baking my Hair

Oh, what an exciting Friday night! Watching The Dark Knight with the hubby (only after I begged him to switch from golf *insert glassy eyes*) and baking my hair. Well, not exactly baking. But I am seated underneath a heating cap with a mixture of eggs, mayo and olive oil slathered all over my hair, and furiously wiping my neck because the heat is causing this concoction to drip. *SMH* The things we do for beauty.

Natural beauty is time consuming, but lots of fun. I’m excited to embrace my inner natural chemist now that I have all these oils, gels, and butters. I just have to remember I promised hubby that I wouldn’t melt, set on fire, or blow up anything in the house. As if I don’t know what I’m doing. He’s such a worrywart. 🙂

Some random pics for your enjoyment.


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