Going “natural” is more than just your hair

By Dr. Phoenyx Austin posed the question “Natural Hair: Just Hair Today- Or Here To Stay?” on Curly Nikki’s blog today.

My answer to her is that it’s difficult to go natural as a fad because “natural” is so much more than just what you do to your hair. Those who go into it thinking it’s a phase will learn quickly that it’s much too time consuming and intricately tied to other aspects of one’s life for it to be so. From my perspective, going “natural” forces you to reevaluate everything: what you eat, what types of bad habits you have, how you take care of your skin, how you maintain your health, and so forth.

Speaking of maintaining one’s overall health, I’ve started including Green Vibrance in my diet. I, thankfully, don’t know the true taste of butt water. However, this comes as close to it as I can possibly imagine. It tastes better when put into a smoothie, but mixing it with plain water is disgusting. Oh, the things we do for good health.

I just started taking it a week or so ago so I can’t confirm if it’s effective. I do know that I don’t feel as tired and worn-down as I usually do – a consequence of suffering from iron deficiency anemia all my life.

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s working. Eventually I’ll post the list of vitamins that it includes.


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