Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself: Henna Journey Part I

Oooh weeee…I was sweating bullets for weeks before I finally decided to face this scary bully head on. TODAY I HENNAED. And it was a much less intimidating and messy process than I initially imagined.

I used the following CurlyNikki tutorial video as my guide. Be sure to check it out for details. Side Note: I sent a tweet to CN to confirm that it’s okay to henna without first washing the hair. She said it’s fine.

50g Jamila Henna 2009 Summer Crop (I purchased the 100g and used half the box. You have to scroll down almost to the bottom of the page to find it.)
A little over 1 cup of warm green tea (I used 4 bags of tea). I actually prepared 2 cups of tea but didn’t need to use all of it to achieve the mashed potato consistency recommended in the video.
2 tablespoon raw honey that is added after the other ingredients are mixed. Right when you’re ready to add it to your hair. (You can use any honey but I love this stuff)

Once I mixed the tea with the henna I just about passed out from the smell. O.M.Wow! I’m so NOT a fan. From what I’ve read on the blogs, most people usually dislike the smell of the Ayurvedic treatment that I did last week. Not the henna. However, I was fine with the AT. The henna is what is assaulting my nostrils as I type this.

Other than the smell, so far things seem okay. I haven’t noticed the issue that most people worry about —that it eliminates your defined curl pattern. However, I haven’t washed my hair out yet so there’s still the possibility of this happening. We’ll see tomorrow, God willing.

What I did notice (and my husband mentioned it without my even pointing it out) is that my hair seemed highlighted with red as soon as I mixed the henna in. I’m excited to see what shade it ends up.

Here are some pics of my journey. Enjoy.

Have you tried henna? What was your experience? Feel free to post blog links of your journey if you’ve recorded it.

Part II coming soon…

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M. Michelle Derosier tells culturally diverse stories from picture books to novels.
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3 Responses to Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself: Henna Journey Part I

  1. mrskgv says:

    do you think all naturals should try this at least once? I’m not too sure if this would be for me…seems quite complex!

    • I’m by no means an expert so take my advice with a grain of salt. I think it might be worth a try. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t actually do any damage to your hair. It might not help it much, but it won’t hurt it.

    • I take it back. Now that I remembered, it did my hair worse in one way. I think it dried it out. To be fair, I also did not follow the directions as I should have. This probably didn’t help.

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